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[Standard]Tickets for [SeleniumConf London] are on sale NOW Go HERE! x

Sponsoring Selenium

The Selenium project is a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Conservancy has allowed us to pool organizational resources with other projects, such as Inkscape, Samba, and Wine, in order to reduce the management overhead associated with creating our own, dedicated legal entity.

The majority of sponsorship funds go directly towards supporting the Selenium project, such as server and software expenses. A small portion of the funds are set aside for the Conservancy to continue their work in supporting Selenium and other open source initiatives.


Our goals are simple: we want to be able to continue improving Selenium -- everything from code reviews to specialized bug fixes to paying hosting bills -- for the benefit of the entire Selenium user and the public at large. We want sponsors to be able to make tax-deductible donations and for the project to publicly acknowledge these donations.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • You (or your company) are contributing to an extraordinary open source project.
  • For corporate donations that equal or are more than the Platinum level, your logo will be placed on our site for one year, as well as on the sponsor wiki pages.
  • For each six months of non-sponsorship, your logo will be moved to the next lowest sponsorship level on the sponsor wiki page. If your logo is in the Bronze level when this happens it will be removed from the sponsor wiki page.
  • Community consciousness of your company (and its use of Selenium) will be increased in the minds of the wider Selenium community.
  • People find out about Selenium first from our website; having a link from our website therefore will associate you and/or your company as a supporter of the Selenium project that our users love.
  • Contributions are tax-deductible.


  • Placement on the front page of http://seleniumhq.org will be for donations that equal or are more than the Platinum level.
  • For donations that are equal to the Selenium level, your logo will be placed on each page of the documentation hosted at http://seleniumhq.org/docs/
  • Logo placement is time-based, per category: the first to donate is at the top, with subsequent sponsors' logos placed in the order they donated. Position will be maintained as long as sponsorship is continued each year.
  • Logos on the front page will only be there for a year, starting from when your logo is put up on the page.

Logo Requirements

Logos may be up to 468 pixels wide and 80 pixels tall. Selenium-level sponsors may be up to 600 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall.

Sponsorship Levels

Below are the names and amounts associated with levels of sponsorship (all values in USD).

  • Selenium: $20,000
  • Platinum: $10,000
  • Gold: $5,000
  • Silver: $1,000
  • Bronze: $500

Non-Monetary Donations

The Selenium project will consider the value of non-monetary donations to the project - for example, donations of hardware, software licenses, or hosting - on a case-by-case basis. We will set a sponsorship level appropriately. We note that non-monetary donations may not be tax-deductible; to confirm, you should seek the counsel of a qualified tax professional. In general, we suggest cash donations, as that process is much simpler.

How to Donate

Silver and Bronze sponsors can sign up using this PayPal form:

Sponsorship Type

For larger donations (Gold and higher), we request that payment is remitted by check or wire transfer. This ensures 100% of the donation goes to the project and that we don't pay unnecessarily large transaction fees. To pay by check, make it payable to "Software Freedom Conservancy" and write "Selenium Sponsorship" in the "memo" field. Checks should be sent to the following address, so that the Conservancy can process them:

        Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.
        137 MONTAGUE ST STE 380
        Brooklyn, NY 11201-3548

We can also email you wire transfer instructions and/or provide an invoice for your sponsorship.

Regardless, please email sponsorship@seleniumhq.org to let us know that you've sent a check or PayPal payment, or to request the invoice.