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[Standard]Tickets for [SeleniumConf London] are on sale NOW Go HERE! x


  1. Build and Preferences
  2. The Toolbar
  3. The Sidebar
  4. Extending the Selenium API
  5. Publishing Updates
  6. Formatters
  7. Packaging Nuances
  8. Localization
  9. Secure Password Storage
  10. Registering your plugin
  11. Exporting New Commands
  12. Adding Locator Builders


In order to get your plugin hosted on addons.seleniumhq.org, there are a few tiny hoops to jump through in order to expedite the request.
  • Include the version in the filename (as there will be multiple versions in a single directory). Example: my-plugin-1.0.xpi
  • If you want to have it auto-update (and you likely do) then in the plugin's install.rdf you need to have em:updateURL
  • Provide an update.rdf file (see Se-IDE's as an example) which has the version you are submitting. To be safe, you need also to include the sha signature.

Once you have that, email it a request with the .xpi and update.rdf to addons@seleniumhq.org. We'll try to get updates posted daily-ish, but please understand if it takes a day or two.


See the list of known plugins on the downloads page.